The new clinic’s membership program is one of its main innovations. Available only to Mexican citizens and permanent and temporary residents, these membership levels represent our best value and care to our local Community!

FULL MEMBERSHIP -- $6000 pesos per year

For those members needing a wider range of services or who may be living with chronic illness or conditions, our staff are here to help you manage your situation as best as possible.

Clinic personnel will regularly reach out to keep active track of members’ ongoing chronic conditions and other issues, and to remind members of upcoming appointments.

The clinic features a robust network of local medical and health specialists for referrals. Our physicians also help members avoid complications and contraindications when seeing more than one specialist at a time.

Your membership includes:

  • One annual check-up including bloodwork with our doctors (when membership paid annually)
  • 50% discounts on regular medical visits
  • 20% discounts for lab tests
  • 25% discounts for psychological counseling sessions
  • 10% discounts for select specialist visits
  • 10% discounts for imaging (MRIs, X-rays, etc.)
  • 10% discount for colonoscopy procedure
  • 10% discount for bone density tests
  • Medical concierge services to coordinate appointments, medications, etc.
  • Wellness coaching services (to come soon!)
  • Health insurance experts
  • Discounts on accompaniment/translation services for specialist and hospital visits
Experienced Clinicians

Your physical and emotional health are your most important assets. You should entrust them only to the best professionals.

Personalized Treatment

Your treatment choices perfectly match your health and wellness goals.

No Stigma or Judgment

We are proud members of the LGBT Community.