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LGBT residents and visitors of Puerto Vallarta now have a place where you can go to manage your health issues effectively, comfortably, with no stigma, including those related to sexual health. Our gay or gay-friendly staff will always greet you and treat you with open arms and a smile!

We offer the following services specifically designed for the LGBT local community:

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Neurology Department
Gynaecology Department
Traumotology Department
Births Department
Cardiology Department


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We’ll design a treatment plan to meet your needs as fast as possible.

Our Specialized Services

We offer a wide range of tests, treatments, and services of special interest to our Community, including those for HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections, and when you receive test results, you’ll go over them with a counselor in case you have any questions or concerns. We offer the most modern and up-to-date testing procedures, making them as fast and easy as possible.

We now are one of the few places in Vallarta to obtain PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis against HIV infection, sometimes called “the morning-after pill.” For any concerns, perhaps after having engaged in risky behavior, this is an easy way to relieve any anxiety.

For women, we offer a full range of services most important to members of our Community, such as tests for the HPV virus, mammograms and other breast-cancer screenings, and referrals to full gynecological services.

For transgenders transitioning, we offer recommendations to experienced counselors necessary to begin the process as well as doctors familiar with the necessary hormone treatments. No surgeons in Puerto Vallarta are currently offering gender-reassignment surgeries.

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    People Say

    Highly recommend this clinic. They were incredibly kind & excited about the impact they plan on having in the community. Overall a great clinic with very affordable prices for care. I truly believe these guys are trying to make a difference locally.
    David Lacho