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Making Vallarta Gay Clinic your medical home base for your healthy lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta puts you in the driver’s seat of taking charge of your wellness.

Use these general assessment services to get the ball rolling!

Preventative Health Care

Clinical preventive services, such as routine disease screening and scheduled immunizations are key to reducing death and disability and improving your health. These services both prevent and detect illnesses and diseases—from flu to cancer—in their earlier, more treatable stages, significantly reducing the risk of illness, disability, early death, and medical care costs.

In addition to medical services, we also offer wellness services that address your lifestyle and activities that can also affect your health, such as wellness coaching, nutrition, physical therapy when necessary, personal trainers, gym memberships, addiction counseling and twelve-step programs, and others.

Lab Tests

Hemoglobin (hb) A1c blood test

Complete Blood Count CBC

Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy Blood Test

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP-14)

Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Lipid Panel Blood Test

Wellness #2 Essential Blood Test 

(among many others)

Ferritin Blood Test

Thyroid #1 Baseline 

Urinalysis, Complete with Microscopic Examination

Estradiol (E2) Blood Test

Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) 

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Hepatitis B & C 

Other Services


We offer immunizations and vaccinations for adults who wish to become vaccinated.

Chronic Disease Mgmt

We help patients control health problems that could become serious if not given proper attention

Specialist Referrals

We have a strong referral system to help you find the right specialist if needed.

Medical Records

We archive our patients' medical records all in once place, and they're easily accessible to patients via a secure online app.

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