Greater Convenience

A huge benefit that we’re now able to offer our Community is the convenience of an in-house laboratory and pharmacy.

We have one of only two machines in Puerto Vallarta that conducts PCR tests, so it’s able to check a wide range of infections, including gonorrhea and chlamydia, even Covid-19.

Results are normally via email to avoid a second doctor’s visit unless otherwise medically warranted.

Neurology Department
Gynaecology Department
Traumotology Department
Births Department
Cardiology Department

Pharmacy Benefits

Our specialized pharmacy in-house stocks medications that our members need regularly, so when they come for a doctor’s visit they can pick up prescribed medications as they leave the office, without waiting. And if you’re visiting us or are a temporary resident, you can refill your existing prescriptions with us (with advance notice) from your home doctor.

Medical Director

Medical Doctor
Dr. Miguel Buenrostro