Emotional Care

VGC offers English- and Spanish-speaking counselors ready to assess and tackle a wide range of emotional and mental health issues relevant to the Gay Community, including coming out, low self-esteem, self-harm, codependent relationships, addictions, bipolar disorder, among others. All counseling sessions are offered free from stigma and judgment in a completely safe space.

Our intake and assessmentl process will get you started and will help us determine together which services are right for you.

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Judgement Free Zone
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Focused Psychotherapy

With a psychoanalytic conceptual basis, we seek to create a space for listening and growth with a focused psychotherapy format. We have experience in the problems common within the LGBT collective, counseling and HIV counseling experience. As well, we’re trained to offer training and intervention seminars and workshops for groups and work teams.

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    Ismael Rossi

    People Say

    Ismael helped me tremendously with my transition to living with HIV here in Vallarta, and I really feel much more comfortable now.
    Ron Jones