VGC Creates New IMPULSE Health and Fitness Program

VGC is pooling its resources together to offer you the safest and healthiest way to get in the best shape of your life!  The Program is led by Dr. Edgarh Saldate, who has a specialty in nutrition and fitness, and Psychologist Ismael Rossi, our clinical director. Both are also fitness buffs and have incorporated exercise routines and healthy eating habits into their personal lives. They are both strong advocates for healthy living yet have tremendous compassion for those who may be struggling with issues preventing them from achieving success in these areas.

The program is structured so you’re under medical supervision the entire time, closely monitoring your changing metabolism, and you’re expanding your horizons well beyond just exercising and nutrition. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with our staff to design an eating and workout plan just for you, and work through and eliminate all your reasons why not. If you’re interested, we can recommend a personal trainer for your workouts! You’ll also be invited to join with other program participants in directed social activities to help create a sense of camaraderie and support on your new path.

What are you waiting for? The only thing between you and a healthy tropical lifestyle here in Puerto Vallarta are your reasons and excuses!


BASIC INTENSIVE PACKAGE (3 months – $6000 pesos and discounted to $5000 for the first 10 participants)


–Intro sessions with Dr. Edgarh to discuss your fitness and eating goals, past history, and any physical limitations or issues. At the initial session, he will take your bloodwork and establish the “before” baseline measurements such as Body Mass Index. He will also take anthropomorphic measurements and photos of your major muscle groups in case any musculature is out of balance with the rest of your body. At a follow-up session as you review the results of the bloodwork together, he will give you a personalized eating plan and fitness plan just for you and your objectives. You decide which type(s) of exercise you prefer, and if you are interested in establishing relationships with other experts, such as a personal trainer at a gym, the doctor can recommend options in our network. He will also take into consideration any food allergies or restrictions.

–Intro session with Psychologist Ismael Rossi to discuss your goals and your background, and any issues that might affect your progress towards your desired results, such as body shame, lack of time, propensity to postpone, etc. Articulating and raising these potential barriers to success will make you more keenly aware of them if and when they occur during your program.

–Monthly follow-up appointments with Dr. Edgarh to discuss your progress towards your goals and any issues that may have come up during your eating or training regimen.

–Bloodwork and testing at the end of three months, a final follow-up appointment with Dr. Edgarh to take body measurements and photos and compare them with your baseline ones, and a final appointment with the psychologist to chart your progress towards your goals.

–You will monitor your progress using an application on your phone, keeping track of the exercises that you’re doing and what/how much you’re eating during the program. Dr. Edgarh will be monitoring your progress as well.

–Invitations to monthly social/fitness activities on Sundays with other program participants


FULL INTENSIVE PACKAGE (3 months – $12,000 pesos and discounted to $10,000 for the first 10 participants)

All of the above, plus:

–Bi-weekly follow-up sessions with Dr. Ismael to keep working on diminishing and/or eliminating any excuses or reasons that might keep you from moving forward with the fitness/eating program.

–A food-shopping session with Dr. Edgarh to show you where to source healthy ingredients and supplements, as well as teach you how to read Mexican food labels for nutritional information, even if you don’t speak Spanish (This activity will take place during clinic hours and be arranged individually.)

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