This Medical Concierge service is specifically designed for international temporary and permanent LGBT residents in Puerto Vallarta who seek to access the Mexican healthcare system, but who are requesting assistance in doing so. We offer personalized services based on exactly what you’re looking for, saving you valuable time and money and avoiding frustration along the way. As well, we can take great care of the very ill or bedridden.

Our concierge personnel consist of nurses, home health specialists, translators, cleaning staff, legal and insurance experts, even medical doctors–all depending on the situation and the need.


322 108 2559

We’ve got your back in Puerto Vallarta!

Additional Services and Support

In addition to these services, our Medical Concierge staff will help remind you of upcoming appointments, and make sure that specialists’ reports and test results get back to our staff in time for your next appointment in-house. All this designed to make your health-care as seamless as possible, so you can enjoy living in paradise!

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